This is a space where I can exercise my First Amendment Right to subject others to my opinions.

This website evolved – if you believe in that nonsense – from a very real and personal need to write.  If you’re a writer, which I can’t really claim to be, then you’ll understand.  In a broader sense, I think I may have some meaningful things to contribute to larger discussions or, alternatively, to provide a bit of a reprieve from the real world, for however long that will continue to exist.

In college I majored in Philosophy and History, so already you know that I’m not at all practical.  Arguably, I’m not even that wise.  I’ve been told I’m funny, albeit in a dry and frustratingly condescending sort of way, which I’ve no choice but to embrace.

You be the judge, but I’m not sure I have a distinctive writing style; I enjoy writing fiction, absurdism, satire, academic papers, opinion, humorism, creative non-fiction – all of which require a variety of tones and word choice.  Ultimately I suppose this is a way for me to find my “voice” while gaining some critical feedback and making a claim on whatever intellectual acreage is leftover from Tumblr.  That was a joke.

The span of my interests is immense, and consequently I know a very little bit about a lot  – but I do my best to make sure what I “publish” is well-researched or, at least, not less than half-baked.  You’ll see articles here about politics, science, humor, film, and comedy, as well as anecdotes from my personal life which actually tend to be fairly comical in a crushingly depressing sort of way.

Most of all, I’m hoping that this site can turn me into a writer of habit, which honestly is probably the most important quality a writer can have.  The added benefit there is that writing is one of the only things I’ve discovered that briefly helps me calm my mind, which typically is a mess of jumbled thoughts and extreme self-loathing.  Maybe I am a writer after all.

Feel free to comment on the articles (or podcasts), contact me via email (jumpingtoconfusionsblog@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@MySolubleFish).

All opinions are my own.