Episode 04 – Rachel Maddow and Trump’s Taxes (28:02) – [3-15-17]

In Episode 04 I talk about Rachel Maddow’s poor handling of Trump’s 1040, the persistence of the liberal bubble, Trump voters and the ACA, AG Jeff Sessions, and Sec Def Mattis.  I do this all in one-take, so you should listen.

Podcast Companion – Ep04

The next episode will be another bad movie riff, coming out 3/21/17


Episode 03 – Tammy and the T-Rex with Brent and Charles (1:18:18) – [3-8-2017]

The bro-cast is BACK!  Chris is joined by Brent and Charles for another rambling podcast.

No political opinions here (mostly).

Instead we riff on the 1994 classic Tammy and the T-Rex staring Denise Richards and the late Paul Walker (RIP).

Come with us as we meet a psychopathic ex-boyfriend, the sassy black gay best friend, a football star, a cheerleader, a bio-mechanical T-Rex, and a town full of idiots.

Link to the full movie (YT)



Episode 02 -Milo, Sessions, Trans Rights (25:28) – [2-24-2017]
I talk about Milo Yabadabadopolous, Jeff Sessions, Transgender Rights, Human Sexuality, men and their penises, and  I make a move toward a more constructive idea of tolerance

The Milo Vid

Milo’s Press Release

Boston Review Perspective on Homosexuality and Fascism


Episode 01 – The Inaugural (27:30)

Collecting my thoughts on Trump, politics on social media, the political divide in the US, radical Islamic extremism, et al.

I apologize for the sound quality – I have no idea what I’m doing.  Yet.